North East Ohio Shooters

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe shooting matches of various types, that challenge shooters of all abilities. Our goal is for the shooting sports of North East Ohio to grow and be competative as any in the United States. To accomplish this goal we strive to provide an enjoyable and supportive experience for new shooters. Don’t be intimidated, we all started out as new shooters once too. Who knows, you may be destined to become a Master or Grand Master. But you won’t know until you give it a try. Come join us and see what this great sport is all about. You won’t regret it!

New Shooter Mentorship Program

If you are a new shooter or new to USPSA let us know and you will be introduced to an experienced shooter (Mentor). You will squad with this mentor who will work with you during the match. They will go over safety, gear you will need, what division you would fit best in, breaking down a course of fire and many other points of this fun and competitive sport. We know this sport can be a bit intimidating and we want you to feel welcome. And that includes our young shooters.

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