Shooter Briefing

For those new to our matches, we would like to provide you with a shooter briefing to answer some of the most common questions.

Static Range Officer Match Format

NEO Shooters utilizes a Static RO match format at our 2ndSaturday of the month match.  We believe that this allows the competitors a little more freedom: shooters can shoot with their friends and not worry about if there is enough room in a squad, shooters that arrive early can often shoot the match quicker and have the opportunity to leave early or shoot another gun, competitors have the freedom to shoot the stages in any order that they would like, there is a little more leniency with arrival time for those folks traveling farther distances (or sleeping in), and it is just a little more of a casual atmosphere to enjoy the match.  Most of the time, we even finish the match earlier than our other match formats with the same number of shooters.

With using Static RO’s there are some things to remember:

  • Registration typically starts at 8:00am through the year.  Please verify the start times for all matches at
  • You may begin shooting immediately after checking in at registration.
  • For those not familiar with our match format, a staff member will hold a shooter’s briefing every 15 minutes or so to review the format and answers any questions..
  • You must sign in at registration before 10:00am in order to shoot the match.
  • When you sign in at registration, you will be given an index card with your name and division.  Please make sure this information is correct.
  • When you are ready to shoot a stage, please turn your card into the RO and they will place your card at the bottom of the order.  You can shoot the stages in any order that you would like.
  • Once you are at a stage, you are required to help paste targets and reset the stage after the RO has scored.  This is expected regardless if you have turned in your card to the RO or not.  We need everybody’s help to keep things moving!
  • As a best practice:  when you are done shooting, get your magazines reloaded and gear ready before continuing to help reset the stage while your friends are still shooting or before moving to your next stage.  This will make sure that you are always prepared to shoot and help out.
  • If you are interested in shooting a second gun, you will need to get your second card before 10:00am.  Registration closes at 10:00am in order to allow the volunteers assisting with registration to shoot the match.  You will need to start shooting your 2ndgun no later than 10:30am.
  • If you need to leave early before completing the match for some reason, please make sure to notify the Match Director, Range Master or Registration.
  • As a courtesy to our volunteers, they will always be placed 2-3 shooters down the list when they turn in their cards in to the RO to shoot a stage.  This is a benefit of being a volunteer and also allows many of them to quickly return to assisting with match operations.

We have received a lot of positive feedback with using Static RO’s and hope you enjoy this match format.  We are always looking for people that would like to help.  If you interested in keeping this match format going, please make sure that you tell Registration you would like to help.


Squadded Match Format

Coming soon